About Savitri Woods

It all started fifteen years ago when the founders decided to venture into the supply of core veneers and other raw material to the plywood and panel industry with Savitri Woods. With an innate focus on consistently supreme quality, ethical and transparent business processes, and a firm commitment to deadlines helped the company gain adequate attention and precious faith. Since its inception, the brand has been steadily growing, regularly widening, determinedly diversifying and sincerely serving the plywood and panel industry of India.



Producing defect free panel, which is solid, durable and able to withstand all adversities, has gradually made Savitri Woods, a preferred partner for a large number of interior designers, realtors and builders.

Being located amidst the fertile terrestrial and an ultra-suitable habitat for Poplar and Eucalyptus, geographical advantage supports the brand to avoid substantial transportation costs which eventually translates into the efficient and economical product pricing – one of the key attractions of Savitri Woods. Savitri Woods also procure tropical hardwood and other hardwood timber species for structural and decorative plywood needs from certified sources from countries abroad.

Accredited with certifications like BIS, ISO, OHSAS, CE, FSC & with technical support from IPIRTI, Savitri Woods acquires its logs from the sustainably managed forests and plantations to reciprocate its ecological responsibility, legal accountability and adherence to global benchmarks.