A Journey of Savitri Woods

The leaders at Savitri Woods candidly believe that they are just getting started and the momentum and rich experience gathered in all these fifteen years will only fuel and propel their journey to serve wider and newer geographies.


What started as a small acorn one and a half decade earlier has grown to a mighty oak today. Savitri Woods humbly ventured into the supply of core veneer in 2003 with aspirations to serve unconditionally and grow profoundly in and around the trade.


It did not take the group longer to take the next quantum leap and get into a bigger, complex, and a more profitable setup by diversifying into the manufacturing of Core Veneer and other raw material in 2009.


While focussing and proactively delivering on the assignments in hand, the founders had their eyes set on the larger goals of plywood manufacturing, which started shaping up in 2012.


In 2016, Savitri Woods launched Savitri Veneers – India’s first manufacturing brand of Reconstituted Face Veneers powered by Italian Technology.


2018 is game-changing for Savitri Woods which will launch them at the forefront of the organised plywood industry with the launch of WIGWAM – the new genre conceptual plywood. This is also the year when the group has stretched itself substantially and has set up North India’s highest capacity plant in Hoshiarpur spread over a massive seven lakhs square feet / 65000 square meters with a 100% imported and neoteric assembly line and infrastructure.



The founders are willed to pour whatever it takes to establish WIGWAM as a preferred and premium national brand for anything and everything in plywood solutions by the end of the financial year of 2020.