Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is plywood?

Plywood is processed wood, stronger and economical than natural wood.

What warranty does WIGWAM offer?

WIGWAM products have warranties ranging from 7 years to life-time.

What are the generic complaints in plywood?

Delamination, termites, and warping are the common grievances.

Who is the best advisor for plywood – retailer, carpenter, or the manufacturer?

Manufacturers and their websites give the most authentic, informative, and decisive information.

Can the plywood quality be checked in-house?

Yes for BWP Fire resistance. Plywood quality can only be checked at BIS approved laboratories.

How is plywood better than MDF and particle board?

Layers of natural wood pressed together form a plywood. While, wood pulp and powder form the composition of MDF and particle board.

Does being heavy guarantee a better quality plywood?

No. Weight is not an indicator of quality. The superiority of a raw material and the manufacturing process determine the quality of plywood.

How to avoid warping?

Storage of the timber should be in clean and dry conditions before construction. Balanced application during usage also helps to avoid warping.

How much is warping is ignorable in plywood?

Though there are no specific benchmarks set for it. However, should there still be minor warping, it could be straightened by stacking it under the sheets.

What is chipping?

When part of the face of the veneer gets peeled off, it is termed as chipping.

How and where to address any product complaint?

For all product complaints, queries or any issues, get in touch with us at 97 97 98 97 97 on all working days from 9 AM to 6 PM or give missed call anytime at 1800 137 5252. Alternatively drop an e-mail to the team gets back at the earliest, however, you would certainly hear from us maximum within forty-eight hours.