Care and Maintenance

When it is about plywood, WIGWAM is by-far one of the most advanced and technologically driven produce available today. However, as with any premium wood, a bit of alertness, some precautions and an occasional care definitely help it to age gracefully.

The following tips will keep your timber look and stay young.

  • Continued and consistent exposure to direct sunlight will eventually tan the timber over time. WIGWAM products are appropriate for UV filtered light. UV timber finish helps to preserve its natural tonality.
  • Split liquids can result in a patch, hard to remove. Any liquid erroneously spilt should be immediately wiped with a dry cotton cloth to absorb the spills.
  • WIGWAM products are designed for minimal cleaning. Dusting with a dry cloth to remove any grime goes a long way.
  • Be mindful of when you place any sharp objects on it. If at all any groove or scratch appears, use a fine sandpaper to compensate the damage.
  • Sanding the surfaces once every couple of years helps to rejuvenate and revive the timber appearance.
  • Be careful while using any specialized wood cleaning solution. Following the instructions on the label is the best way to stay away from any damage. Use the solution in a small corner portion first to ensure that the wood accepts it and doesn’t leave any stains.