Tetra Cycle Advantage

We have worked in close collaboration with the Japanese Plywood Industry and the Tetra-cycle formula is inherited from them after stringent tests and quality checks for two years. The technology aptly addresses the Indian market requirements from plywood. Tetra-Cycle Advantage is the latest in the plywood industry in India.


Tetra-cycle process actually drives every composed bundle of wood veneers under 4 times pressing zone, that is very unique and first time in India. Tetra Cycle advantage offers ‘Absolute bonding, Absolute flatness, Absolute dimensional stability and Absolute durability’.

After repeated tests and laboratory trials, Savitri Woods inherited and implemented this technology in the entire WIGWAM plywood range in its super-advanced and state-of-the-art plant.

The Geographical Advantage

The landscape, topography, soil and climate of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, is perfect for the plantation of Eucalyptus and Poplar, which are WIGWAM’s basic raw material. Operating from the midst of the land of natural wood gives WIGWAM clear advantage and edge which substantially lowers the transportation costs and ultimately the pricing.

Our Attributes

WIGWAM, the new generation plywood aims to eradicate the disparity and exploitation in product – price metrics in plywood industry through its blend of global quality at local pricing. Stimulated by the Japanese technology, WIGWAM offers the unique Tetra cycle Advantage and Hexaforce power, which gives it sizzling strength, legitimate longevity, and decent durability making it one of a kind in the Indian plywood industry. Made purely with Matply, WIGWAM panels are 180° flat, duly calibrated from both sides with all layers significantly tenderised.

WIGWAM products exhibit a high repulsive tendency towards termites for dual reasons, Natural and Synthetic. The Nature driven reason is that WIGWAM prefers to use only heartwood or mature hardwood timber that has natural resistance to termites and borers. Usage of the heartwood [hardwood], which is the oldest and hardest central part of a tree is the naturally termite resistant part which WIGWAM uses.

The Synthetic reason infused to create immunity from termites is due to WIGWAM technology in manufacturing process where we evenly injects enough chemical to repel the termites. Additionally, layers of lamination also forms sturdy layers around it which is a barrier wall for termites.

WIGWAM panels have the Matply edge where all the layers are joined by core composer which inserts added strength and permanency to it.

The Matply power also adds convenience and customization. Just put your favourite top layer on it and the WIGWAM products are ready for your desired use. It is ideal for kitchen and furniture applications.

Both Sides Calibration is a technique to have uniform thickness all across which is achieved by calibrating it from both sides using premium and latest machines.

The manufacturing processes and checks are designed in such a stringent way that the WIGWAM panels conceive and keep its 180° flatness always, even when faced with extreme conditions too.

The Uniqueness of WIGWAM products lies in its batten composing that are arranged and stacked automatically and passed following Hexaforce that offers almost Zero gap and higher compactness in every inch of Wigwam products.

The manufacturing process tenderizes all the layers of the core veneer to its peak , which keeps the WIGWAM plywood free from any weakening wrinkles, internal bubbles, warping up, de-lamination, curving, and bending.